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Antenatal classes-

  • one session,early pregnancy session- 2000Kc
  • whole individual class-5000Kc/3 sessions /each 3h
  • one session of birth preparation-2000kc
  • prices include:a pack of information handouts

Attendance and support during the labour and delivery-

              15000Kc 1 postnatal visite inclused
            non refundable deposit for reservation payed by 20th week of pregnancy-1000Kc
             deposit 4000Kc payed at 36th week for being on call 24/7
  • prenatal consultations 600Kc/hour at my place
  • prenatal consultation at a clients place in Prague 700Kč/hour + traveling expences -8Kc/1km
  • encapsulation of placenta- only together with labour support 1000Kc

Postnatal home visit- 600kc/hour

  • Breastfeeding hot line free 10 mins
  • Shiatsu 800Kc /hour
  • Postnatal home visit and shiatsu treatment 1500Kc