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  • Birth options and procedures in the Czech Republic
  • Medical and hospital services
  • Midwifery services-prenatal checks and consultations
Antenatal classes:
  • Antenatal classes help you to create your own experience of pregnancy and birth
  • how and where you want to have your birth
  • who to have with you
  • how to prepare your energy and your body and those around you
  • how to make it the most special experience of your life with joy and without anxiety

      -individual classes are given at clients place
      -group classes are given at Canadian Medical Care,Veleslavinska 1,Prague 6

          topics also include:how a woman's body changes
                                      fetal developement
                                      coping with discomforts of pregnancy
                                      diet and lifestyle
 Birth preparation class consists of 4 sessions of 3 hours

Session 1 what is normal birth,
what can I do to keep it normal,
hormones at play during labour
meaning of pain ,stages of labour
Session 2 your partner for the birth and his role,breathing,possitions for birth
what is a birth plan,
what can you expect in Czech maternity hospitals, relaxation
Session 3 possible medication during the labour-positive and negative effects,
medical management of labour, oxytocin,
epidural, induction of labour, possible complications during and after birth
Session 4 postpartum period for mother and baby, care of a newborn child,
breastfeeding versus bottle feeding
right positioning of the baby

I recommend the whole class, but each session can be taught separately, especially for mothers who have had a baby already.

Exercises for pregnant women:
  • help you to stay fit and get your body ready for labour,
  • focusing on problematic parts of body, back problems,
  • pelvic muscles, breathing exercises, stretching,
  • relaxation
Attendance and support during labour and delivery:
  • during labour and delivery in the hospital
  • A partnership based on trust makes for good outcomes
  • and a positive experienceof labour and birth
Postnatal care:
Information and practical advice to deal with any difficulties that may arise
  • how to follow your baby's rhythm
  • help in the beginning
  • help with difficulties that may arise
Shiatsu: Japanese healing art that enhances wellbeing. Based on the eastern energetic view of the body.
             Given through clothes, balances and restores body energy, deeply relaxing.
             Gives emotional and physical support for delivery